Sunday, August 06, 2006

School starts this week!

Wow, this summer has seemed to fly by. Maybe its because we have been so busy with things we haven't had a lot of down time. Tuesday My two oldest start back to schhol. On Wednesday my youngest will have his first day of Kindergarten. Its going to be so strange having all the kids in school full time. I will probably go crazy the first week trying to adjust. I think the summer break for kids just get shorter and shorter. But thankfully they do get plenty of break throughout the school year so maybe they won't get too burned out. I guess the hardest part is always getting back into the schhol year routine. going to bed at the "school year bedtime" and getting up early. Its just hard once you get into the lazy summer mode. But thankfully my kids have always seemd to adjust and get back into their routine rather quickly. Let's just hope it happens like that this year since I will have three kids getting up and getting ready for school.

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