Friday, January 23, 2009

With CHA underway...

I am trying to not look at all the sneak peeks posted every where. It is just too tempting to buy it all and unfortunately I can not do that. But look at these cute little bucket kits from Queen & Co.: QUEEN & CO.. Are they not the cutest thing ever. I love that they come with a variety of embellishments so there is plenty to choose from.

Go check them out :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's been a busy week...

Blake finally went back to school after missing all last week. And Of course classes started up for me again also. Even though I am only taking a couple classes, they seem to be work heavy. So they are keeping me super busy already. I have a fear I will forget to submit one of my assignments. There is just so much to keep organized.

On the house front, we are going to schedule a second walk through on the house we are looking at. We are leaving it in god's hands whether we get it or not. But I have been praying hard and have this incredible peace about this house. Dh on the other hand wants a sign. So I said I was gonna to photo shop a billboard into the photo of the house that is on the internet. That would be so funny.

I am hoping to get some scrapping in this weekend. There is an Extreme Crop at this weekend to help those that are doing scrapfest get their points. I feel like I haven't been in the creative mind lately so hopefully this will help get my mojo back in full swing.

thats about it for an update. I hope life slows down a bit so I can keep my "resolution" and blog more.

Monday, January 05, 2009

It's 2009 and I am not off to a great start.

One of my goals for this year is to be a better blogger and already I am failing miserably! I said I would be better and blog at least once a week so I can say I am doing that since I did technically blog once this first week, but hopefully it will become more of a habit to come blog at least every few days. Now on with whats going on...

I am watching The Bachelor right now. I am so looking forward to watching this season because Jason is the bachelor. I just absolutely want him to fall in love and find the perfect match for him and Ty.

School started back for the kids today and DH went back to work today. After a couple weeks all together as a family, I think we all need a break...LOL Of course Blake was still home because he is still on his meds from having his tonsils out, and will be home probably a couple more days. But he is healing nicely and I think next week he will be back to his normal self. Or at least I hope so ;o)

Thats about it for an update. I hope to get some new LOs uploaded here on my blog in the next couple days, so check back soon for those.