Saturday, December 30, 2006

Come on over!

Hey guys! Id love to have you all come and join us January 12-14th over at Memories from Scrap. Were having a crop-a-thon and its gonna be a blast!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come join the fun!

We are having a cyber crop at Crafty Keepsakes this weekend!
Its gonna be a blast so if you are in the scrapping mood, come on over, we'd love to have to join in! Just click on the blinkie and it will take you there!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I know, I know...

So I have received a few emails lately asking for an update. I am such a bad blogger. This is why I was so late getting on board with a blog of my own. But I promise to do better. Really I do!

So a little update. Dh is in school and doing great so far! I'm very proud of him. He goes to school a couple days a week and takes one class over the internet. Plus he is working at that same college. Now we just have to get used to the whole once a month pay ...LOL

Zach was elected 4-H vice president. He is very excited and looking forward to it. He was also elected Class Representative again this year for homecoming. He was surpised but excited about that too. He has a birthday next week and he can't wait to have friends over.

Becca is being Becca. I have really loved our time together the older she gets because we are having real conversations. She has had a birthday since I posted and she thinks she is so much more of a Diva now. Little does she know she is way to sweet to be a diva.

Blake is doing better about school. He used to cry and say he wasn't going back anymore. But we have worked on all the positive aspects of school and he has slowly warmed up to it. Sure, we still have our days when he wakes up crying because he doesn't wanna go, but Im sure before long he will be loving every single day. He has even been liking the mascot at the peprallies and he has always hated those type characters.

As far as I go, I am on a quest to get healthy. I have taken up walking and eating better. I go walking as soon as the kids get on the bus while its still a bit cool out. Before long Ill have to walk right before picking the kids up in the afternoons though.
I am starting to sub again at the preschool all my kids went to and I am waiting on my background check so I can sub at the school they are all at now. I'm hoping to stay busy enough with that, that I can help bring in a little extra cash around here. I have really stopped submitting my stuff for publication so I really need to get back into that and who kows...Maybe I will even go for Creating Keepsakes HOF 2007!

So there you have it. Two months of updates in one very long post!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blake's first day of Kindergarten

So yesterday was my youngest child's first day of Kindergarten. Where has the time gone? While I'm happy and excited for him to start this new journey, I am also a bit sad when I think about how fast all my children have grown up. But I know that we all have to grow up and so I will not dwell on that. It just makes all the times we have together while they are still children even more precious.

I do have to share this though... Tuesday night Blake was saying his night night prayer and part of it was this "...Jesus, please let me have the super greatest day of my life for Kindergraten tomorrow, and please let the time pass by really fast so mommy won't be bored or sad without me here with her..." Isn't that just the sweetest! At the end of the day he said he had a great day. When I asked him his favorite parts his reply was "I got to paint and I saw my brother at snack time." I'm sure catching a glimpse of Zach during snack made it easier on him and reassured him Zach and Becca were in fact at the school too.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

School starts this week!

Wow, this summer has seemed to fly by. Maybe its because we have been so busy with things we haven't had a lot of down time. Tuesday My two oldest start back to schhol. On Wednesday my youngest will have his first day of Kindergarten. Its going to be so strange having all the kids in school full time. I will probably go crazy the first week trying to adjust. I think the summer break for kids just get shorter and shorter. But thankfully they do get plenty of break throughout the school year so maybe they won't get too burned out. I guess the hardest part is always getting back into the schhol year routine. going to bed at the "school year bedtime" and getting up early. Its just hard once you get into the lazy summer mode. But thankfully my kids have always seemd to adjust and get back into their routine rather quickly. Let's just hope it happens like that this year since I will have three kids getting up and getting ready for school.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Changed my template

Changed my template from the dark background to the light one because I kept forgetting to make my font color something that would show up on the dark background...LOL So now its the light background and I can stick with plain le black type. Im sure as I pop on throughout the day I will play around a bit more and figure some other things just ignore all the test posts that are about to come.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Just a little test

Im just testing to see if I can actually get a picture to post here. I am so new to this blogging that I will probably have quite a few tests here.


Well I did it. I created a blog. I really don't expect for it to be read by many people, but at least I will have a place to showcase some of my scrapbooking layouts and other creations. And also a place to share all the wonderful blessings God has graced me and my family with.