Saturday, September 30, 2006

I know, I know...

So I have received a few emails lately asking for an update. I am such a bad blogger. This is why I was so late getting on board with a blog of my own. But I promise to do better. Really I do!

So a little update. Dh is in school and doing great so far! I'm very proud of him. He goes to school a couple days a week and takes one class over the internet. Plus he is working at that same college. Now we just have to get used to the whole once a month pay ...LOL

Zach was elected 4-H vice president. He is very excited and looking forward to it. He was also elected Class Representative again this year for homecoming. He was surpised but excited about that too. He has a birthday next week and he can't wait to have friends over.

Becca is being Becca. I have really loved our time together the older she gets because we are having real conversations. She has had a birthday since I posted and she thinks she is so much more of a Diva now. Little does she know she is way to sweet to be a diva.

Blake is doing better about school. He used to cry and say he wasn't going back anymore. But we have worked on all the positive aspects of school and he has slowly warmed up to it. Sure, we still have our days when he wakes up crying because he doesn't wanna go, but Im sure before long he will be loving every single day. He has even been liking the mascot at the peprallies and he has always hated those type characters.

As far as I go, I am on a quest to get healthy. I have taken up walking and eating better. I go walking as soon as the kids get on the bus while its still a bit cool out. Before long Ill have to walk right before picking the kids up in the afternoons though.
I am starting to sub again at the preschool all my kids went to and I am waiting on my background check so I can sub at the school they are all at now. I'm hoping to stay busy enough with that, that I can help bring in a little extra cash around here. I have really stopped submitting my stuff for publication so I really need to get back into that and who kows...Maybe I will even go for Creating Keepsakes HOF 2007!

So there you have it. Two months of updates in one very long post!

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Lori Johnson said...

Thanks for the update Sandy. I am gonna keep on you more now. Lol